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Frequently Asked Questions

Harrison Farms has sold a lot of beef since beginning offering our products in 1991. Since then, many people have asked a lot of the same questions about our natural beef. We hope this helps answer a few of yours.

How does your beef compare to the beef offered at a chain grocery store or restaurant?

We know where our beef comes from and where it has been. We also can guarantee it has not been injected with steriods, fed antibiotics, nor has it been given growth hormones. While it might take a little longer for our beef to develop, we enjoy feeding our families the healthiest choice we can provide.

How often do you offer beef for sale?

We usually offer our beef twice a year, spring and fall. As supply increases, we may begin offering the beef more often. Check back often and we will post when we plan to offer our beef.

Does your beef taste different?

Our beef does taste different. Our beef doesn't have a fatty or game taste. Our customers tell us its better than anything they have ever bought from a grocery store or ordered at a fine steakhouse.

How lean is your beef?

While we don't offer a percentage of fat on our beef, our customers rarely have to drain fat off when browning ground beef and tell us the marbling is perfect for steaks and roasts. The larger meat packing plants add extra loose fat to already lean meat to get the 75/25, 80/20, 90/10 ground beef. We just sell the meat, without adding all that extra fat.

Why should I purchase beef from Tennessee Natural Beef certified farms or businesses?

It depends upon your personal preferences. There are many reasons someone might purchase beef from participants in this program. One reason is production practices are assured to be in line with those of the Tennessee Natural Beef Program. All farms and businesses that participate in our program are audited and inspected. They must meet all criteria, or they are removed from participation.

Another reason is that the product is local. All beef is guaranteed Tennessee born, raised, and finished in the state of Tennessee. When you buy form a Tennessee farmer, you are supporting your local economy. You are able to see the growth of your local economy through the business you are supporting.

Quality is a big reason to purchase Tennessee Natural Beef. Participating farms have worked hard to provide a superior product than the average beef cut. By knowing your farmer, you can see the extra steps they take to ensure you are getting a first rate hamburger or juicy steak.








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