Beef Reservation Form
Beef Size
The price per pound is determined by hanging weight (HW).
Estimated Hanging Weight
Base Price Estimate
Example: On a 1000 lb. steer, this would be an estimated 600 lbs hanging weight and approximately 420 lbs. of actual beef for a whole.

*If you select a quarter, another quarter and half must be processed at the same time. It may take additional time to find another person ordering a quarter with similar cuts. You may save time and money by locating someone on your own to split a half with you.
Standard Beef Cuts
Steaks bone in will be T-Bone, Bone in Ribeye, Porterhouse, and Round Steak, and Sirloin. Boneless steaks are Ribeye, NY Strip, Filet, Round Steak, and Sirloin. Round steaks are 1/2". All steaks come standard three per package.
Specify different thicknesses for different cuts
(Example: Rib Eye 1", Filet 1 1/2", etc.)
Chuck, Rump, Shoulder, Sirloin Tip
Other Selections
Customize Your Beef
All Steaks Boneless - Additional Total Fee -
All Or Some Roasts Into Hamburger - Additional Total Fee -
Steaks 1 or 2 Per Package - Additional Total Fee -
Special Instructions
Method of Payment
Total Estimated Price
Total Deposit to Reserve
The deposit is not collected until a harvest date is set and we determine, based on supply, we can fulfill your request. You will not pay a deposit until it is known you will receive your beef. At that time, you will be contacted to arrange your deposit. The reservations are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Please provide contact information to verify your order and to arrange payment.
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