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Pro-Series Portable Tubs & Alley




The Pro Series Portable Tub and alley is built as one solid unit for ease of use. The tub and alley requires minimal set-up time so the operator can be working cattle in a matter of minutes. The tub consists of an 8’ swing gate that has a positive latching system at several places around the perimeter of the curve. The alley way can bought in lengths of 16’ or 18’ and contain a palp door for access behind the animal. The alley way can also be bought by itself if the tub is not needed. The alley way is adjustable from 19” to 30” wide with a single lever control. The tub and alley is equipped with a full length cat walk on the working side, and is partially removable for road travel.

You can order this unit in different configurations and must specify right handed or left handed when ordering.

This is the Left Handed Pro Series Chute Side Tub and Alley that consists
of an 8’ tub and 18’ of adjustable alley with side exit, palp door, and cat walk.



Pro-Series Tub and Alley dimension shown with
16' of adjustable alley and 8' tub. (Left Handed)

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