WW Livestock Equipment

Harrison Farms is a distributor of WW Livestock Equipment. Manufactured in Livingston, Tennessee, WW Livestock continuues to carry on a tradition of superior craftsmanship that earned them the reputation as the "World' Finest" since they began doing business in 1945.

We distribute all products manufactured by WW Livestock Equipment. We offer several different types of WW chutes to meet your specific need and budget including manual, automatic, and hydraulic. We have also sell many WW corral systems, gates, panels, sweep tubs, and crowd alleys.

While we can't list every product we distribute here, we are more than happy to assist you in designing and finding the perfect fit for your livestock equipment needs with WW Equipment.



BeefMaster Chutes

Click Photo for BeefMaster Chutes

Stampede Chutes

Click Photo for Stampede Chutes


Hydraulic Chutes

Click Photo for Hydraulic Chutes

Express Portable Corral

Click Photo for Express Portable Corral


Sweep Tubs

Click Photo for Sweep Tubs

EZ-Duz-It Corral System

Click Photo for EZ-Duz-It Corral System


Portable Loading Chute

Click Photo for Portable Loading Chute


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